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Sharing here my work when I was still earning my Teacher Education Units.

I believe that learning is a huge part of being human. In our everyday lives, chances are always available for us to learn new things. There are so many possible ways that an individual can acquire knowledge, which makes learning a crucial process.

What I believe As an Educator

I believe that learning is best possible to happen when a person has the readiness to engage himself in meaningful activities. With the help of the school, family, and the community, providing a healthy and conducive environment, surely learning can take place.

As parent-surrogates, teachers play a major role in developing a child in becoming a productive member of society. It is the responsibility of a teacher to mold young individuals. The goal is to produce competitive individuals with skills and talents. This is to prepare them for a battle in the real world.

I believe that at younger ages, children would be dependent on whatever their teachers will teach them.

Therefore, it would be a big challenge for me as an educator on what useful information I can give to my students. This should be something they could utilize to make them more efficient in their chosen endeavor.

What I Am Willing To Do

I would like my students to explore more about themselves as I agree that everyone is a potential genius. Wholeheartedly, I am willing to take the challenge of handling a class with individual differences as I believe that there is an opportunity behind this set-up to learn more about contrasting religion, beliefs, practices, and even personalities.

Exerting more effort to build a healthy relationship with my students is what I intend to do. Of course, it will be with certain limitations, which all in all could help me establish a strong foundation of effective learning within my class.

Final Note

Education is the most important factor that a country would need to be able to attain progress and development with literate citizens maneuvering the system.

All of us are born to be empty vessels. However, we need to help ourselves especially the young individuals of this generation not to be left behind with this fast-changing world.

 As one of the adults of the society, I have the duty to help the young ones cope up with these inevitable changes around them. To teach them how to get motivated to learn despite the hardships caused by irresponsible parents and poverty. As teacher, I am held responsible for whatever future that is waiting for my students.

To be a teacher for me is not a burden but a gift.

I can change minds to let my students think of happy thoughts to keep them inspired. I can feed them useful information to make them more effective in their chosen field.

The future of these young people lies in my hands. As they grow older and make their own paths, I wish to be remembered as one of their teachers who contributed to their personal development as part of their success.

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