#30DayWritingChallenge | DAY 9: Write About Happiness

This is another desperate move to accomplish this #30DayWritingChallenge, which I started two years ago 😀 Who cares? This is my blog, so I am doing what I want. Also, I have this thought in mind that by just putting links, bloggers can escape time gaps 😀 so, here is a recap:

DAY 1: Describe your Personality

DAY 2: Things that Make You Happy

DAY 3: A Memory

DAY 4: Places You Want to Visit

DAY 5: Your Parents

DAY 6: Single and Happy

DAY 7: Favorite Movie

DAY 8: The Power of Music

DAY 9: Write About Happiness

So, this is where I start writing. By the way, have you read and heard about ChatGPT? I have tried using the program, and it is completely amazing. Still, it threatens publishers/bloggers as it may truly replace writers, especially those who write perfectly, hahaha! This somehow makes me think that it is good to commit mistakes because that is how we were designed, flawed but capable of thriving in these changing times. Flaws make us REAL, it reveals our natural beauty and projects more of our authenticity.


So much for that; let me write about HAPPINESS for this #30DayWritingChallenge.

Whenever I think about happiness, my thoughts are always directed to my FAMILY. The same things when I think about problems, I think about them. They are MY LIFE.

And there are other things and people who make me HAPPY. For example, NOTEBOOKS! I bought another one yesterday 😀 I have this condition of non-stop buying of cute notebooks, and I am declaring it to be an incurable disease because if I am a patient, I don’t want any remedy for it 😀

Also, I love helping people. Those opportunities of helping others make me HAPPY. I love to share what I know, what I have, and my dreams and aspirations for them. Helping others adds to my PURPOSE in this life, giving me pure happiness inside.

Another thing that makes me happy is FOOD, hahaha; that’s why it is not easy for me to achieve my goal weight because I love to eat. It is not stress-eating; I LOVE EATING 😀

Happiness for me is traveling – alone, with friends, and of course, with family. I like to visit new places and learn from other people. I love to capture and make memories. Traveling makes me realize there is so much in the world to see!

I am happy whenever I can feel I am with God and when God makes me feel He is with me. That completes my life.

How about you, what and who makes you happy? ^_^ Do this #30DayWritingChallenge with me.

It’s Valentine’s Day, I hope you are with those people who make you HAPPY ^_^

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  1. Ciasto na Naleśniki Avatar

    Thank you for this informative post! It has shed light on a topic I was struggling to understand. Your writing style is engaging and the information is presented clearly. Great job!

    1. jevannel Avatar

      Thank you for you kind words.

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