How to Manage Time during COVID-19 As A Student



I always love to read. Anything. I realized that when you read, there is this passive transfer of learning and I need that in my everyday tasks as a writer and a teacher. It is passive in a way that you won’t notice that you have learned a word, a concept, or have gained an […]

How to Become a Tutor and Start Earning Extra Income

While writing this article, my niece is having her tutorial session. Her tutor is a high school graduate and Thia just finished her nursery level. While looking at them, I can say that my sister made the right decision in hiring a tutor. This is good for Thia because it’s been more than three (3) […]

How to Improve Your Memory with these Brain Power Exercises

brain power

Good memory gives you clarity of your purpose in doing things and undeniably, clarity in our thoughts boosts our moods and makes us capable to achieve self-fulfillment. Boosting your brainpower is a vital goal to achieve. This applies not just to those individuals who are in the academe but in all people who would like […]

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