Trip to Baguio City, Philippines

How to Get to Baguio City – The Summer Capital of the Philippines

Last April 2023, I attended a seminar in UP Baguio City which made me travel back to this very special place I visited when I was still in 6th grade attending a national event.

This post will give details on how you can reach the city if you are coming from Davao, where you can stay, and where you should visit.

I will also insert some of my photos of those nice spots we have visited.


Our Cebu Pacific airline flight at 2AM from Davao City brought us to NAIA 3 at 4AM. We already booked our BUS ride via this link:

We were able to book a 7 AM bus ride to the city. I was very thankful for the “NO DELAY” flight because rebooking the bus might not be possible then.

One tip I can give is to get the PASAY buses instead of the CUBAO buses if you arrive in Manila during non-peak hours. We booked the buses in CUBAO, anticipating the easy exit from Manila via express highway to Baguio City.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

The experience with Premium Joybus was EXCELLENT.

I was transferred to a one-seater lane, making the travel more convenient.

In Davao, we don’t have seatbelts in the buses, but climbing up to the mountainous city of Baguio will require you to use one.

Joybus Premium to Baguio City


Book your bus ride, at least a week in advance whether you are going or leaving Baguio City via JoyBus Premium or Regular Joybus to avoid long queues.

We arrived in Baguio around lunchtime and headed out to 50’s DINERS restaurant for our meal.

Fortunately, the Genesis Terminal has a Baggage Counter where you can pay 40 pesos only to leave your luggage.

It added to CONVENIENCE.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

The food, the services and the place was great!


Casa Generosa Baguio City

For our lodging, we stayed at Casa Generosa B&B. It was an excellent place to stay because it is near the Terminal, near SM, near other sites (Skyranch), but a little bit far from UP Baguio.

It has its resto-bar at night and even near other restaurants.

I am not fond of walking, but the weather in Baguio City was very accommodating, and walking around the city gives you more thrills of what this place can offer.

As I said, I attended a seminar here in UP Baguio City, the 28th SINSM, so we were at the venue most of the time. But, after each day’s session, we used the time touring around the city, making great memories to look back on someday.

Here are some of them!

Enjoying the Tourist Spots in Baguio City

This is one of the perks of being a teacher; our school sponsors our trips.

But I wish to visit Baguio City again with my loved ones ^_^

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