Slow Down – everything takes time

I am always overwhelmed with many things, especially the tasks in my job. I also have ongoing data collection for my Ph.D. and many other concerns in my life. I am always soaked.

But today, I am reminded to take things slowly.

Now that I am in my new place, a smaller one, but I think just enough to contain ME — I wake up too early every morning and it’s weird. Since I am not used to it, my head is always blank. I am always puzzled by the question “What should I do?”

Mornings are always beautiful, but when you are not set for the day yet, its beauty may not make sense at all ­čÖü I know I sound so ungrateful, but I am not faking. That is what I always feel every morning. My mind is blank, but I know my heart is always full because I know I have a family who always checks on me; I have friends and workmates friends who greet me every time I arrive at work and who I spend most of my everyday. I am contented.

In this fast-paced world, what we all need to do is to SLOW DOWN. Just this morning, I opened my journal again, which had my last entry in March. Most of the contents I wrote this morning are prayersÔÇöprayer for guidance, prayer for strength, prayer of gratitude.

Yes, I am grateful.

I know I have so many reasons to CRY because there are always these burdens that are weighing on me. But instead of dwelling on these negative thoughts, I pause and feel the cool air entering my window, whispering the words of comfort ‘someday, everything will make sense’.

So, let’s slow down and reflect. With every second we spend, feeling each moment unfolding is like whitnessing a blossoming flower that each growth, when captured with the right pacing, will elaborate elegance and beauty.

And that is what we all need.

3 responses to “Slow Down – everything takes time”

  1. Faidee Avatar

    Know that we are all here for you no matter what! Rooting for your NBC level advancement aw tama ba ang term? HAHAHAHAHABAHA LOL GUDNYT Teng. Super hawd musulat! Words were written simply yet captivating when you read it. Dijud ko kibaw ani nga style of writing hahaha

    1. jevannel Avatar

      pagsure oi, wala man gani direction, hahahahaa way klarong flow of thoughts… hahahaha

    2. jevannel Avatar

      but, thanks dat for the support hehehe

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