How to Pay your USeP Tuition Fee Via Landbank Link.BizPortal

I have tried this process and it’s fast and very easy. I am sharing here the easy steps to follow in settling your previous balance or making a down payment for your enrollment at USeP via Landbank Link.Biz Portal. IMPORTANT: Only those who have LBP iAccess Account with ATM can use this method. Also, you […]



I always love to read. Anything. I realized that when you read, there is this passive transfer of learning and I need that in my everyday tasks as a writer and a teacher. It is passive in a way that you won’t notice that you have learned a word, a concept, or have gained an […]

Qualities of A Good Listener

Do you listen to others? Or, do you just keep talking and others listen? Do you know that listening is a quality that not everyone possesses? When … Qualities of A Good Listener I so love this writing of Dr. Namrata that I would like to share it also to my readers. Happy reading!

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