3 Best Approaches on How to Teach Research to High School Students

Research teachers always encounter difficulties in learning how to teach research to high school students. The nature of research is complex, and simplifying every little detail about it is already difficult. To help you with this dilemma, here are some approaches you can use to simplify your teaching delivery.

1st Approach – Help them Understand Different Kinds of Data

Research is about the data collected, the data analyzed, and interpreting the results from that data to the target beneficiaries of that endeavor. If your students understand the different natures and kinds of data, they can appreciate the value of collecting them. That can lead them to curate the best solutions to a problem.

Additionally, you can create activities or a general Survey Form in your research class. Require your students to collect the information needed in the form. Let them determine the types of data they have collected during your discussions.

Obviously, you are not just making them understand different types of data. This very active classroom activity promotes strong student engagement in learning.

2nd Approach – Introduce to them the Various Research Methods

Qualitative and quantitative research methods and the mix of these two designs are exciting to explore. Explain to your students the different types of data collected for each method. Include also the data analysis that can be used to analyze them.

Words and numbers and the combination of those are fun to play with in the context of research. While employing these research methods, images, illustrations, and drawings drawn from the data collection process would also deepen your student’s understanding of how they should proceed in their research journey. By understanding research methods, teachers will learn how to teach research to high school students in a way relevant to societal problems.

3rd Approach – Provide them the Ways how to do Data Treatments

Thematic analysis using Meta Cards can be your first step in introducing to your students the beauty of coding words into categories to come up with core ideas and essential themes. In quantitative data, the data collected from the survey form can be coded to Excel and transferred to any statistical tool for data analysis.

With various data analysis tools, everything is just a few clicks away. Even Microsoft Excel has add-ins that can run statistical treatments. I remember doing my lecture on using SPSS with my student audiences, and they were fascinated by how automated things are in using those tools. The excitement and the skills they can develop in exploring these tools are life skills they can utilize in their future employment.

SPSS Screenshot

These approaches make it easier for students to stay engaged in their research class. Indeed, research teaching is FUN, and your students will learn a lot from you using suitable approaches!

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