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  • Just WOW!

    Just WOW!

    I am not expecting this! Praise the Lord 🌷🙏 Thank you everyone for your support 🙏

  • Accomplished A Lot Today 🌷

    Accomplished A Lot Today 🌷

    I am happy that I was able to finish lots of tasks today. Work onsite was canceled because of the flood, but the bad and bed weather did not stop me from getting some pending tasks done. After finishing my long overdue tasks for the narrative and terminal reports of USWAG TRIBO, I realized that…

  • 20 Top Side Hustles for Teachers in 2024

    20 Top Side Hustles for Teachers in 2024

    The post discusses leveraging teaching expertise through online tutoring, selling lesson plans, teaching online courses, educational consulting, and after-school programs. It also suggests opportunities in freelance writing/editing, blogging/vlogging, social media management, and virtual assistant work. Additionally, it mentions sharing skills through in-person tutoring, coaching/mentoring, freelance graphic design/web design, selling crafts/handmade items, and photography/videography. The post…

  • Endings are Still Beautiful

    Endings are Still Beautiful

    Ending something special is like cutting yourself open. It invites pain, causing a permanent scar in your heart. But sunsets remind us that endings can still be beautiful. Letting go of things that are hurting you may seem to hurt you more at first, but over time, happiness will come knocking at your door, offering…

  • Teachers’ Payday: A Glimpse at Possible Salary Increases in 2024

    Teachers’ Payday: A Glimpse at Possible Salary Increases in 2024

    For Filipino teachers, the dawn of 2024 brings not only a new year but also a glimmer of hope for improved compensation. While a definitive answer on salary increases remains elusive, several ongoing developments hint at potential changes in the landscape of teacher remuneration. Here’s a closer look at the factors paving the way for…

  • Conquering Final Exams: Top Study Tips

    Conquering Final Exams: Top Study Tips

    The post offers top study tips for acing final exams: 1. Plan ahead and create a realistic study schedule. 2. Organize study materials for easy access. 3. Review semester notes to identify areas for review. 4. Set specific study times and find a quiet place to focus. 5. Read, take notes, and write everything you…

  • Embrace a New You in 2024: Unique and Inspiring New Year’s Resolution Ideas

    Embrace a New You in 2024: Unique and Inspiring New Year’s Resolution Ideas

    As 2024 begins, set resolutions for personal growth and positive change. Consider daily meditation for mental clarity, explore a new hobby monthly to broaden perspectives, and embrace a plant-based diet for health and sustainability. Start a gratitude journal to foster positivity, engage in weekly acts of kindness, and master a new language for cognitive enhancement…

  • Ending My Day with Yoga

    Ending My Day with Yoga

    It was a freestyle. I was targeting my upper back and my tummy. I felt there’s an improvement 🌷 I am making this post from my phone and this is a rare thing for me because I usually open my desktop computer just to make entries, but this time, not the first time though, I…

  • Slow Down – everything takes time

    Slow Down – everything takes time

    I am always overwhelmed with many things, especially the tasks in my job. I also have ongoing data collection for my Ph.D. and many other concerns in my life. I am always soaked. But today, I am reminded to take things slowly. Now that I am in my new place, a smaller one, but I…

  • NameCheap service is EXCELLENT!

    NameCheap service is EXCELLENT!

    I am so grateful for the assistance provided by Dmytro Rozkin in my SSL installation. This excellent service of NAMECHEAP personnel is one of the reasons why I am not giving up blogging because they make things easier for me. I am not techy, but I can address technical concerns about running a blog with…