How to Take Good Care of Ourselves

Not Stressed, but Beyond Blessed

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I always thank You Dear God for the gift of life, the gift of family and wonderful friends. I am always grateful for my job, for my dreams and for my goals just waiting to be realized. My life has been very busy these past few months, starting July or should I say since December […]

How to Organize Your Shoes by Spending 25 Pesos only!!!

Living in a small room has been very challenging for me. You can see everything by simply opening one door. Of course, there’s another one for my toilet, but yes, once you open DOOR 2, you get to see my bed, my kitchen, my workstation and all. Everything is in there. But, my place has […]

Foundation Topics for Understanding Rural and Urban Development: An Integrated Reflection Paper

What are the Benefits of Waking Up Early?

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This is actually the reason why I am writing this entry. For me to recall MY REASONS, MY WHYs, and I wish to lay it all down by writing the list of the Benefits of Waking Up Early.

Working on Something Else Aside from Learning Research

Mornings are Always Beautiful

Day 1: 30 Day Mindset Reboot

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