I am Vaffy, I am Bap, I am Jev

I am here to share insights on Learning | Happy Living | Personality Development | Self-Care | Study Tips | Study Essentials | Teaching Tools | and Research Writing. I am a simple woman, a teacher, a student, a sister, a colleague, and a friend to many.

I love to write. I love to travel. I love to read. I love to learn.

I love talking to people, but only to those close to me. I am passionate about many random things. I am sincere. I am loyal. I am ambitious.

I am real.

I hope your stay on my site will be worth your time.

I don’t intend to impress, only to express. I love to think that my words positively affect people.

I like to dream, but I acknowledge the present and my NOW.

I sometimes flip back the pages of my past and smile at those bad moments making the journey to that memory lane melancholic. I have made mistakes, many of which humbled me as a person.

I have hurt many people, and indeed, I have already asked for apologies.

And, I move on.

I take pride in my minute achievements as a person. I am very competitive even if I know I am losing. I fight for what and who I love. But when I get tired, I stop. But in many cases, I don’t know when and how. I just stopped.

I love madly, and I don’t take revenge when I am hurt by those I love. I just cut connections. I move on.

As you read my posts, you’ll get to know me more or NOT. I sometimes post about anything. About health equity. About education. I love to write about everything, which is what this blog is about.

This is about my life. Welcome!

I am Vaffy. I am Bap. I am Jevannel.

About the Author

Jevannel is passionate about teaching and learning about anything. She loves to share her words with the world, hoping for readers to get something from her works. She specializes in Science Education and Research and she also writes poetry and many other things.

If you are interested in reserving your spot in this blog or availing of my writing services, just email me at jevannelacademy@gmail.com

I am a tertiary educator in one of the state colleges here in the Davao Region, Philippines.

Moreover, I love writing so much that I wanted to let the world know about it, which is why I have this blog. I write about TEACHING and LEARNING-related topics. I am committed to teaching, and of course, I am a lifelong learner.

My specialty is in RESEARCH and SCIENCE subjects. I also write about:


I hope you will find this blog a meaningful online source to teach and learn about everything! 🧡💙

Let’s build something together.