Foundation Topics for Understanding Rural and Urban Development: An Integrated Reflection Paper

God, You have been so good to me – Psalms 116:7

Tips on How to Determine the Research Gap

Why do I love RESEARCH? SO MUCH!

A REFLECTION: On Academic Writing

How To Write An Introduction For Your Research Manuscript – THE RATIONALE

How to Write the Introduction - The Rationale

Hey there! Welcome to Jevannel Academy – your online source for teaching and learning about everything! If you are following my blog, you might notice that it’s been a while since the last time I have written something relevant to my niche. I was so swamped with other tasks and I was trying to change […]

How To Make a Research Proposal – Concept Paper

how to do a research proposal

Nobody said it was easy. Yet, no matter how difficult it is, learning how to make a research proposal is never impossible. Hi there! I am Jevannel and welcome to my blog! In this article, I will give you tips on how to make a research proposal. Let’s start with making your concept paper. Some […]

How to Use Mendeley in Writing Your RRL

It is always a struggle for a researcher to write the Review of Related Literature. Some even don’t know where to start and they give up even without giving a try. If you are one of the few who wanted to pursue this academic endeavor of collecting related literature to support your claims, problems, concepts, […]

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