How to Make a Module – The 10 Essential Elements

How to Make a Module

Learning how to make a module is possible and easy. Now that the schools are moving online, it is important for schools to find ways on how to deliver instruction with QUALITY. Learning modules are essential learning devices to use by both teachers and learners. What is A Module? According to Wordweb Dictionary, a module […]

See the Beauty in Everything – A Blog Post Challenge

It isn’t easy to wake up each day with so many negativities happening around. Everything is uncertain. Everywhere, there is suffering. Still, we open our eyes because we wanted to see. We continue breathing because there is this life worth fighting for. Still, we smile because there is always this reason we can feel in […]

Yay! I Got My First Blogger Award Nomination

Blogger Award

This is very exciting! I would like to thank Dr. Namrata, Ph.D. of for nominating me for this Vincent Ehindero Blogger Award. This is my first time being nominated and honestly, it felt like I already won the award. It inspires me so much to do more in achieving my blogging goals, especially now […]

5 Important Things that My Papa Taught Me

Here is a special post dedicated to my Papa who taught me so many things in life aside from playing cards the night when I first got drunk. It was the New Year’s Eve of 2007 when he said he will teach me how to play ‘Tong-its’ with Maria Clara wine on our table. Amidst […]

On Becoming a Teacher

On Becoming A Teacher

This is when my journey begun. It all started with just one ambition, way back year 1994 at the Monkayo Gymnasium, where hundreds of Kindergarten graduates professed their dreams in life and I am one of these young ones, who marched my way proudly because I have finished one-step towards my educational success. I cannot […]

My Teaching Philosophy

teaching philosophy

Sharing here my work when I was still earning my Teacher Education Units. I believe that learning is a huge part of being human. In our everyday lives, chances are always available for us to learn new things. There are so many possible ways that an individual can acquire knowledge, which makes learning a crucial […]

How To Make a Research Proposal – Concept Paper

how to do a research proposal

Nobody said it was easy. Yet, no matter how difficult it is, learning how to make a research proposal is never impossible. Hi there! I am Jevannel and welcome to my blog! In this article, I will give you tips on how to make a research proposal. Let’s start with making your concept paper. Some […]

DOST opens Undergraduate Scholarships Program | Submit Your Application

Be one of the “Iskolar ng Agham, Para sa Bayan”. Submit your application before August 28, 2020. Prepare for the Schedule of Examination on October 25, 2020. Despite the outbreak of COVID-19, the Department of Science and Technology Science Education Institute (DOST-SEI) continues its mission in providing educational support to the brilliant Filipino Youths. To realize […]

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