God, You have been so good to me – Psalms 116:7

It was an unexpected award, indeed, it was a blessing!

This is not to brag, but to inspire you all that blessings do come. All you have to do is to have FAITH.

This event was referred to me by one of my colleagues who is also into research. We just tried our luck by submitting our Abstract because the committee informed us that out from the 269 submissions they received, only 144 will be notified and will be given the Letter of Acceptance.

And yes, we were able to join the conference.

It was a back to back task for the three of us because we all have these weekend commitments in pursuing advanced studies. However, we still managed to actively participate in the event.

There were so many insights I gained from the speakers invited. I was inspired more as an educator because researches presented aimed to improve the quality of education in the Philippines, in all field, in all levels. It ignited more my love for RESEARCH ❤️

Yey! Cheers Dr. Duping and Dr. Decano 🥂 We made it!

Thank you Dear God for this blessing. I will bring back all the glory and honor to You, Dear Father. Thank You for making this all possible.

Thank you also Philippine Normal University for this opportunity 💚

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