I never thought I would love YOGA this much.

When Ma’am Samsel introduced Yoga to me, I was very hesitant to try it because I thought Yoga is just about meditating and for me, that’s boring. My sister Anj also started her practice and convinced me to try it.

Her consistency actually inspired me.

Every morning, she sends her photo of her Yoga Poses:

Thus, I was forced to witness her progress. LOL! And undeniably, I am so amazed by her consistency and overall changes. I was inspired then, to give it a try.

Every Tuesday night, we (Ma’am Samsel and of course the happy me LOL!) dedicated time after work to do some Yoga Practice. Here is one of the snippets in one of our sessions:

I always laugh during sessions because I can hardly bend my arms, my feet, my body and everything hahaha and Ma’am Samsel was so good at it. Salute to the true YOGI.

Oh well, in this post, I am just sharing my entry for the International Yoga Day 2021 last June 21, supposedly, but I was so soaked with my tasks, so here is my late entry, a power yoga workout I did just this morning. I am sharing just a capture from the video showcasing my fatty back flooded with sweat.

My arms were shaking for this Camatkarasana. I hope to perfect this Wild Thing Pose someday.

I wanted to try more, achieve those other poses. I didn’t expect that Yoga will give me these thrills of excitement as I perform those poses and finish a practice every single day. I already laid my intentions. I will commit to this.

Cheers to all Yogis out there!



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