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How To Make a Research Proposal – Concept Paper

Nobody said it was easy. Yet, no matter how difficult it is, learning how to make a research proposal is never impossible.

Hi there! I am Jevannel and welcome to my blog!

In this article, I will give you tips on how to make a research proposal.

Let’s start with making your concept paper.

Some schools have a practice of crafting a Research Title as the first step in making a research paper.

I did try following that process, yet I ended changing the title from the first day until the last day of my journey in finishing my thesis.

However, I am not saying that the practice is wrong, but I can certainly say that it did not work for me.

When I was given the task to manage the research office in one of the local colleges in my hometown, I have contemplated on the processes I have undergone in finishing my paper.

I only have one goal in mind. I wanted to simplify everything and so I came up with my own CONCEPT PAPER template.

Tip 1. Research Topic instead of a Research Title

Write first your topic of interest. You may put some notes as support on what poked your interest in choosing that research topic. You may ask yourself these questions:

  • What problems are happening in the community that is also related to my field?
  • Can the result of this research paper contribute a solution?

It is a requirement that you’ll consider your major or degree course in choosing your research topic.

Tip 2. Purpose of the Study

In your concept paper, state the purpose of your research proposal. You may ask yourself these questions:

  • Why am I choosing this research problem?
  • Who can benefit from this endeavor?
  • What do I look forward to after finishing this project?
Tip 3. Background of the Study

Read studies related to your chosen research topic. Compile those pieces of literature because you can use them later in writing your RRL by feeding them to MENDELEY.

This tip is what I regard as the most important step in learning how to do a research proposal. You need to start reading a compendium of literature related to your chosen topic.

This expands and deepens your knowledge about your topic. This can even ignite more ideas in refining your topic of interest.

Consider reading literature on global, regional, and local contexts.

Tip 4. Research Design

In this section, I usually assist my students in choosing their research design. I always let them set an appointment with me for consultation.

I ask about the research topic they have chosen, the purpose of their proposed study, and their readings.

Yes. They need to bring with them their concept paper during consultation time. That’s how I did it and I guess it worked.

As we discuss things, I give suggestions on what design is appropriate in targeting their purpose.


In learning how to make a research proposal, you should also learn how to work with other people, especially experts. If you are still a student finishing your bachelor’s degree, consult with your mentors in refining your paper.

It does not mean that you need to follow all their advice, but at least you have ideas to mix and play as you refine your research work.

Tip 5. References

Acknowledge the authors of those articles you have collected.

There you have it!

This is still the first step in learning how to make a research proposal. In my next posts, I will guide you through writing the other elements of a full-blown research manuscript.

Thank you for reading!

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