5 Important Things from my Papa

Here is a special post dedicated to my Papa who often spends his time with me talking about life, and he teachers me so many things in life aside from playing cards the night when I first got drunk.

It was the New Year’s Eve of 2007 when he said he will teach me how to play ‘Tong-its’ with Maria Clara wine on our table.

Amidst the foggy thoughts, I had that night, I can vividly recall some of the wonderful advice he gave me since I was little.

He reminds me how important it is to PRAY.

My father is an active laity in our Church. He prays and leads the Holy Rosary for our family and he constantly reminds me of the importance of prayer.

Every time I informed him that I was able to attend the Holy Mass, he always let me know that he is happy about it.

I am proud of him every time I hear his name as the one who led some church groups for certain activities. He is a leader, a true and humble believer.

He teaches me and helped me heal my broken heart.

I thought it was awkward to share my brokenness with my Papa. I thought he won’t understand or he won’t care.

But, during those times when I needed someone to talk to, there was one time when he traveled 3 hours from our province just to talk and be with me over lunch.

He listened.

He gave me advices.

What I loved most about that time was when we drank a huge cold mug of BEER 🍺 during lunch, inside the mall, at Shakey’s!

He teachers me how to listen.

It’s very horrifying on our part before when we were asked to prepare our father’s meal because we were certain that he wanted to talk about something serious.

And I have experienced that one almost every year during my high school life.

He asked questions and he listened to my story.

That somehow made me realize that he wanted to know first the story before he gave his thoughts about what I just shared.

He teaches me when and how to fight and when and how not to.

Conflicts are inevitable once you lead groups of people and my father always reminds me that there are stands worth fighting for and there are also words better left unsaid.

He reminds me to avoid conflict, yet pushes me to speak even if my voice shakes.

He teachers me how to love.

My Papa is a great writer. Not a published one for sure, but he loves to write us love letters and his words are inscribed in our hearts even when we were young.

He did that also to my mother when they were still dating. In his words, I felt what sincerity is and in his actions toward us his family, I feel true love.

That’s how great my Papa is. He is the first man I loved in my whole life and I cannot let this day pass without writing this special post for him.

I love you Pang, HAPPY FATHER’S DAY ❤️ (EDITED 06/19/2022 at 11:08PM)

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  1. Eromonsele Emmanuel Avatar

    Your close relationship with your dad is desirable. Thanks for sharing!

    1. jevannel Avatar

      Thank you very much Eromonsele for dropping by and leaving a sweet note 💙

      1. Eromonsele Emmanuel Avatar

        You’re welcome Jevannel!

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