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Isn’t it ironic that we wanted to shed light to our research journey, yet we are taking a non-aligned path?

Often, this – leads us to a different destination.

It can be that there is no serious problem on this. But, in some cases, these deviations will not contribute to the high impact of your research.

It is because you just found an answer to a question you did not ask.

It is amazing and at the same time frustrating that most researchers are now more concerned of what research design to use. For some reasons, this is to create great impressions on how adept they are in applying the statistical treatment rather than finding the best approach to provide the best answers to their research questions.

We should always be reminded that our questions are grounded to the gaps that we identify based on our readings– as we compare various works of prolific authors. Surely, we have the intention in mind that our results can create essential contribution to the growing body of knowledge about our topic of interest, yet in some instances, we choose paths that we thought the right ones to take– inspired by wrong motives.

I admit that I was once had this the same mindset. I find it overwhelming before how statistical jargons can create so much impact to those who do not have an orientation. However, while learning those techniques, indeed it created a great impression, but I always ended mastering the methods and not my chosen topic of interest.

It frustrates me knowing that some of the researchers I know are starting their journey, deciding what design to use, without determining first the gaps and questions they wanted to address.

If the research is methodological, then that’s fine. But if the topic is about a certain issue or problem in whatever context, I think that methods are just tools to use to provide answers to the questions, and should not be the point of consideration in starting a research journey.

It is only now that I fully understood, why my professors are asking first what my RQs are or what the thesis statement is that projects my argument because that is where all research should begin.

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