How women and other marginalized groups in the rural areas have suffered from destitution more than men?

Forgive my grammar and my flow of thoughts. I want to post this raw from a 30-minute exam output.

Women may be biologically, psychologically, and culturally different from men, yet should be treated equal. When did gender become the basis for power and authority?

Patriarchic societies should be abolished as it only creates unnecessary demarcations in the society. How come one gender be better than the other when one is designed for a specific purpose and so the other.

Yet, when reality sets in and making its existence more felt, it is then, you will realize that truth has an unpleasant face. The society now is composed of diverse individuals, of different genders who all crave for fame and power. We were born in pair, yet we live this world in preferred isolation and in constant competition with each other. We are like different music instruments, played simultaneously, obviously out of tunes and creating chaotic melodies.

Each individual has a role to play. As the Role Theory suggests, all persons perform everyday activity to be the acting-out of socially defined categories. For example, women act as mother, as wife, as the queen in the family, which are different from what men do – which are all above roles than those played by women, and because of these differences, it created barriers, putting women in the marginalized sectors. How did men earn such position in the society? Who decided such unfair treatment?

Women have become the faces of other marginalized groups, like children and those tribal communities. Those who are living in non-economically competent countries are labeled to belong in the fourth world. How can such a valuable creation be treated low, when there are also these great things that women can do that mostly men can’t? For instance, our nature is labeled as the Mother Nature – one who nurtures, who protects, who sacrifices, who is abused, yet continues to provide – indeed, like most women do.

Flipping the pages of the past, the roles of men have already been recognized, recorded in history, with only a few who featured women making huge differences. It is important for the society to realize that what is regarded to be the weakness of a woman is actually her demands to the world that she also needs caring, nurturing, and she needs not to be abused, but loved, which men are capable of doing.

To create balance in the society is acknowledging the differences of each individual, not putting a wrong interpretation of the gender label, but appreciating what one gender can do, that other one cannot. It is supporting one another of each weaknesses and incapability because the world is created for everyone – to suffer together and bring peace and development to all corners of this planet.

As the final note, women and other marginalized groups have suffered enough. When women rise, they will never put men to a lower level than them. Women are born healers and menders, which I believe what and who the world needs today.

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  1. I agree with you, and your final lines are very important. Empowering women will only help men, making them recognise women’s positive qualities, and making them want to be more co-operative and less aggressive.

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