Why do I love RESEARCH? SO MUCH!

This post is brought to you by my worries of not having anything to post for this month. LOL!

Also, a survey questionnaire ignited my interest to post something about what I really love to do that most people hate doing – RESEARCH.

The survey asked questions about how excited and willing I am to engage in research activities and I did not just settle with a YES answer as the measuring word/s or phrases on their LIKERT SCALE, but I chose YES YES YES!

I can say that I LOVE RESEARCH because I let myself suffer from all the complexities brought by doing it. I even enrolled my PhD with Major in Development Research Administration. And yes, I am suffering now, but never I will say that I will regret the decision I once made. I do question myself sometimes HAHAHA!

Is this because of the promotion? That’s another item on the SQ.

NO! I was not even aware that engaging in research can give me an advantage in getting a promotion. When I was interviewed during the first year enrollment, I always say that this is my personal choice. I want to get a formal training about what I love to do. I should have pursued a PhD in Science Education or PhD in Biology, but I did not because I want to have a good foundation first in research before I will explore more in my specialization.

I already failed in pursuing writing/campus journalism before, and now that I found research, a new path for me to express myself in writing (in a scholarly manner) and be able to help those who are really in need, and be able to uncover reality, now that truth is masked with various faces of myths and lies, I want to take part in the process of illuminating the world with evidence-based information that emerged from the brilliant minds in an academic community.

Indeed, this is a path less travelled, but I know I am not walking alone. I realized that you can appreciate more the number if there’s a few than you’ll be overwhelmed with too much.

Just like loving anything or anyone, you are willing to be hurt, because you know it will be worth it. I know that in this PhD journey and in handling my job as a designated coordinator for research, extension and production in our institute, I know there will be many times that I will encounter discouraging times, frustrations, more hardships, excruciating pressures and more, but my goal is to be good at this.

So, I will trust the process.

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          1. I visited your blog and was fascinated. I’ll visit again soon and will spend more time reading your posts. Happy blogging, Tamara!

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