In the onset of COVID-19 spread, academic grounds were shaken across the globe. It forced school administrators to strategize the operations, bringing all classes online.

Hence, Online education is not new.

Many schools were already practicing it before 2019, yet what the pandemic required was the full online set-up, with limited to no interactions with the teachers, which are more felt by those living in underdeveloped and developing nations.

Digital divide became more evident, which built walls and other strong barriers of academic success.

Self-directed learning skills were demanded, and this article gives you tips on how you can employ self-directed learning in this online learning set-up.

Provide yourself with the necessary materials for learning.

Some students were too dependent on what the teachers will provide, but preparation should start on your end as learners. You do not wait for motivation to be showered on you because self-directed learning is about being responsible about your academic success.

Buy yourself notebooks and pens, a table, or a comfortable chair. You may also opt to make or borrow those materials if you do not have yet the budget for the purchases. The point here is to provide yourself with your learning materials.

Create a friendly schedule for studying.

Time blocking is a good option. If you have other commitments or prefer to study at dawn, then schedule it during those times of the day that is friendly to you. Do not force yourself to be a morning person if you are a nocturnal one unless you have synchronous classes during the day.

Take advantage of the blended learning set-up by choosing a study time that is friendly to your other schedules and commitments. The point here is that you set a time every day to focus on what you need to study on.

Connect with your teachers and classmates.

You are not alone in this journey even if you are required to employ self-directed learning. Even those who are not enrolled in any academic course but are learning some skills online are encouraged to connect with people who are in the same boat with them. In this set-up, you should connect with classmates and teachers to discuss in group chats or online meetings the topics what you were studying, to deepen your understanding about what you are reading and widen your scope of imagination.

You can always talk with people who you share your academic journey with.


Read more and write more.

Learning is about breathing in (Reading) and breathing out (Writing).

Self-directed learning is about training yourself to read more and more so you can write more and more.


Know your pace and try to always improve.

This journey is not a race. Yet, it has its destination, but you have your own pace of learning, and you need to know that. This does not mean also that you’ll just settle in your pace but try to always improve. I always tell myself that if I can’t be the best, I will try to be “ALWAYS BETTER”.

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