FLOOD2020 – My Country Needs Help

I am not reaching millions of readers here, but in case you have landed on this page by fate and you have a heart for the needy, my country, Philippines needs your help.

If you are a FILIPINO, then let’s help our KABABAYANS who have been casualties of this flood in REGION 2 – Cagayan Valley, Isabela and Tuguegarao.

I am writing this post to call for HELP so that anywhere you are in the world, you can make donations.

I have followed one friend on Facebook who is now in Tuguegarao who knew these trusted individuals who are collecting donations.

I will also make my share tomorrow. I plan to donate my unsold items from my online store. Instead of putting them on sale this Christmas Season, many Filipinos need more these items than me.

That’s the least I can do.

This is the FB Page of the person collecting DONATIONS for REGION 2 -> https://www.facebook.com/bimpptao


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