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What are the Benefits of Waking Up Early?

It is true that when there is no pain, you can never appreciate any gain. Waking up early is such a painful task. LOL! I am attesting to this claim based on my experience. I have mentioned in my previous post that I am challenging myself now to wake up 5am every day for 66 days.

Watch this video to learn why we need these 66 days:

Based on my track of progress, my body has not yet adapted to this lifestyle. Every after 3 days, I wake up 6am or 7am and I am allowing myself to rest, to FAIL.

But, I am still not giving up to this #66daychallenge. For me, this is not yet a relapse, but tomorrow, if I will be waking up late, I will be back at DAY 1. I hope that won’t happen. Supposed to be, tomorrow is my 9th day of 66, but I did not count those days that I woke up late, thus, tomorrow will be my 6th of the 66 days.

This is actually the reason why I am writing this entry. For me to recall MY REASONS, MY WHYs, and I wish to lay it all down by writing the list of the Benefits of Waking Up Early.

You can plan your day well.

By waking up early, you’ll be able to estimate the time you have in a day and the tasks you need to accomplish. By having an overview, you can plan your day well. You’ll have enough time to sort things out, prioritize some tasks and make adjustments.

You can enjoy the silence.

Serenity of the mornings is a bliss. With almost all people still lulling themselves to sleep, you are READY to kick-start your day, thus, giving you more peace of mind and energy. Silence is a rare motivation that not all humans may get. It can arouse your actions to plan for your desired goal and that’s a few of what early mornings can bring.

You’ll feel FREE.

I usually hate early mornings because it forces me to pull myself away from my comfort zone, but when you already have established the routine of waking up early, you’ll be able to appreciate what freedom early mornings can give to your schedule. Because almost everyone is still sleeping, you can make most of your time by doing those that make you happy and productive.

You will not be in a hurry. That means you can enjoy your leisure time in the early hours of the day. You can read a book, do journaling, visit your garden, perform your workout routine and more without disrupting your major tasks for your job and other commitments.

The Benefits of Waking Up Early cannot be discarded as these are the perks which are about loving yourself. It is about valuing the time given to you. It is about letting time pass, but taking control on how you make use of those seconds and minutes that inevitably pass by. It is about making all the spent time worth the while.

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11 thoughts on “What are the Benefits of Waking Up Early?

  1. Lots of great benefits waking earlier, but am finding, there’s a few to snoozing a bit more now and then too; I’m having to try and balance a few days of each during any week; really love what I can get done getting up earlier, and really love the the relaxed set of my body when I rest a bit more ♥️

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