122nd Philippine Civil Service Anniversary

A Recollection and Team Building activities that I will never forget.

Hmmm…it was not very special, but certainly not an ordinary one. I was able to reflect on some inputs during the Recollection. My heart opened again a closed book, but I did not focus my attention to that because I know that feeling was just momentary. Thank You, Dear God for the experience.

I was able to visit again the Eden Garden Resort in Davao City, which I visited 12 years ago when I was too broken-hearted T_T I was with my college bestfriends during that time, Brazil and Rech.

The morning walk with Samsel was an awesome experience. It made me reflect so many things in life and one take away from that WALK was ACCEPTANCE. Letting it all go and letting it all flow naturally. It’s frightening, but it’s the best route to take when you are fighting a hurting feeling inside ^_^

Finally, I was able to bond with my beloved colleagues. Working away from home is a difficult thing, but realizing that I have found my second family here in DNSC, with them around is such a true comfort.

Thank you for the gift of service.

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