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How Do You Prepare Your Coffee?

Whenever I see coffee, I see comfort. Whenever I smell it, I find peace.

So, when I make one, it’s like grabbing the opportunity to make my day a little brighter.

I face every day with so much hope that I will be productive and help more people, students, and colleagues. But life doesn’t always happen the way we want it to be. It will not unfold according to the creases we thought it would follow, nor will its waves sometimes go against the winds.

Everything is so unpredictable in life.

One morning you are searching for tips on improving teaching, and in the afternoon, you search for samples on how to write a resignation letter. It’s funny how things can quickly change without you getting any hint on what is next to happen.

It’s like drifting into the open air, depending on which wind blows the most, and then out of nowhere, you’ll find yourself in the abyssal part of the darkness. Was that deep? Then, swim.

I remember the day when I prayed so much for this job. I wish to secure a permanent post because I am confident it would give me a better life. I remember the day I decided to pursue this Ph.D. degree with the full hopes that someday I could improve my craft and help others.

But now, I can see that many things are changing around me, which bothers me. It creates an unsettled breath, gasping air, yet drifted away by strong winds. I am losing my grip.

Should I keep holding on, or should I just let go? I remember the feeling of letting go; it was not fun. It hurt deeply, and it cut me open. I hate that.

It was just an ordinary conversation when I told him I had different plans for my future. He told me I should be honest, so he’ll know when to let go. I have survived the years without him, yet now I long for something, for someone to be with me for a lifetime.

For a minute, I wanted to be alone, and then seconds after, I realized that no –this life should not be boring.

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So, how do we prepare our coffee? Interestingly I asked, how’s that bitterness bring so much sweetness to one’s life?

Maybe how we live our lives is how we prepare our coffee.

We wake up every morning, stare at nowhere, and wonder.

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