On Becoming a Teacher

On Becoming a Teacher

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  1. Dr Namrata, Ph.D.

    Glad to know that. I was also an online tuition for 4 yrs and I also taught students at college level.

    1. jevannel

      Great! We do share some common things Doc!

  2. Laura

    Thanks so much for sharing your journey! I totally understand the gut feeling of needing to teach! 🙂

    1. jevannel

      Thank you for dropping by and for your kind words. I’ll hop in your blog and read also some of your sharings! Happy blogging 💙

  3. Kritika Krishnakumar

    wow that was inspiring! I’m student now but I want to be teaching somewhere too, one day ,no matter what it is.

    1. jevannel

      Sure. You can always do that in the near future. I am glad that my post inspired you. Make your dreams a reality!

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