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Not Stressed, but Beyond Blessed

I always thank You Dear God for the gift of life, the gift of family and wonderful friends. I am always grateful for my job, for my dreams and for my goals just waiting to be realized.

My life has been very busy these past few months, starting July or should I say since December 2020. Many things happened, but almost everything are blessings.

I was able to finish my academic requirements for PhD.

I passed the Comprehensive Examination and currently enrolled in Dissertation Writing.

I was designated as the Institute Coordinator for the Research, Extension and Production last February and was designated as Program Chairperson for Science Department last July.

My life changed so much. I am always soaked with opportunities to learn and I hope I can manage everything well.

This post is just me breathing out. I guess most of my next posts will be like this. I hope my readers are still with me. Your likes and comments also motivate me to get back to blogging no matter how busy I am.

Cheers to all busy people all over the world 🥂✨

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