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PhD Journey: Improvements for Dissertation Proposal

  1. Remove “Objectives from the Statements of the Problem”.
  2. Translate Objectives to Research Questions
  3. Enhance the themes in the RRL
  4. Simplify the Conceptual Framework
  5. Do not use functional model
  6. Use hub and spoke
  7. Add null hypothesis, “is there a significant difference on the health care equity indices when grouped according to socio demographic profile?”
  8. Add research questions:
    1- quali
    2 – socio-demographic profile
    3 – dimensions
    4 – model
    5 – indices
  9. Null Hypotheses: EFA, CFA, Test of Difference
  10. Data Gathering:
    a. Composition of Survey Questionnaire (Parts, Measurement (discuss the Likert-scale))
    b. Test of Validity and Reliability Analysis
  11. Sampling Technique – sampling distribution table (no. of households – source of provincial health office, no. of households per barangay (SAMPLING FRAME)
    a. Present the Population of Household Per Municipality
  12. Procedure of the Study
    a. Qualitative – Thematic Content Analysis
    b. Quantitative – Descriptive Stat for Socio Demographic
    c. EFA, CFA, and T-test/ANOVA

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