How to Manage Time during COVID-19 As A Student

Hey there! Kumusta? (How are you?)

I hope you are doing okay and safe with your family at home.

The world now suffers from this pandemic, yet, here you are, you decided to continue your studies. That’s an excellent decision we made!

Amidst the uncertainties in the future, what we are doing these days are proofs that WE ARE NOT LOSING HOPE.

There is still a dream to catch!

This post will provide you tips on how to manage your time during COVID-19 as a student.

1.      List down all your priority tasks.

Indeed, you have tasks to accomplish in every subject, but there are tasks you are comfortable doing first than others. If there are no deadlines given, you decide which one you will do first. Every time you are done doing the tasks, remove it from the list.

Deleting those tasks from your list will let you savor the sweet taste of accomplishment.

2.      Make sure you are doing something to get things done every day.

Your teachers will keep sending tasks to you, which you cannot control. However, you can take control of how you will deal with those tasks. Do not let each day pass without doing something about the activities.

There will be days when you don’t feel like doing anything but STILL DO THE TASKS.  Do not wait for motivation. Once you are already doing the activities, then the motivation comes along. BELIEVE ME! It sometimes works like that.

3.      Choose your space.

This doesn’t have to be a big one. Just have your space at home to work on your Modules and other learning activities. This is very important because there are tasks that we cannot finish in a day, but with your space where you work on everything, every day, you will be reminded where you left off.

4.      Use the TIME BLOCKING technique.

I always do this when I was still a student, even now that I am already teaching.

It is only recently that I learned about the term TIME BLOCKING. This technique will help you accomplish Tip#2. On how you should do it, see the steps below:

  1. Check your task lists in Tip#1.
  2. Define time in a day when you will be working with each task.
  3. Some tasks are completed earlier than the allotted time (that’s when you can freely spend your time doing the things you want).
  4. Some tasks are left undone. Using this technique, if the job is not urgent, pause in doing it and proceed with the next tasks scheduled in your time block. Make some notes and continue it the next day, with the same schedule, with the same time allotment. You can always make adjustments.

5.      Take some time to breathe.

Managing your time doesn’t have to be always about school. Do not forget that you are at home and you are with your family.

Spend some time to be with them. Play with your siblings. Help in the household chores.

But, do not forget tips #1-#4.

Health is always the priority, but learning should continue even with this pandemic.

If you have heard about this story about a town that suffered from a very long duration of drought, all people in that town prayed for RAIN, yet on the day of prayer, only one boy brought an UMBRELLA.

That is HOPE.

I hope you are like that boy who looks forward to something he deserves to get in the future even if the road that he is taking now still leads to uncertain destinations.

Let’s walk this road together. Everything will be over soon, and remember that you are not alone in this crisis.

Get up now and start managing your time effectively!

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Jevannel is passionate about teaching and learning about anything. She loves to share her words with the world, hoping for readers to get something from her works. She specializes in Science Education and Research and she also writes poetry and many other things.

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