Yes, I do multitask.

Even if I just gave a talk about organizing tasks that multitasking is a big NO, because of the limited time and the craving to work on some goals, I confess that I do not follow my own advice.

I am currently finishing my Academic courses in the Ph.D., thus, my weekends are filled with RESEARCH and I also teach research. Aside from being a subject teacher, I also have my advisees, and currently installed to be the Institute Coordinator of Research, Extension and Production. I am engaged in Faculty Research and Extension activities.

Apart from that, I am also working on myself. Currently, I am taking the 66-day challenge of waking up early every day and trying to make a blog post for 66 days also. I am also trying to incorporate a workout every morning, but today, I failed to do it because I was so tired, but was able to cook breakfast and was able to hang our wet clothes.

Indeed, I am super busy, but with these goals, I am maximizing my time and with these tasks, I am always motivated to keep on pushing every day.

But I do take rests. Someday, I take a lot of it 🤣 I do binge watching. I spend so much time in Tiktok and Facebook and Instagram. I chitchat with workmates for longggggg, super long hours.

Yes. I am busy. I am lazy, but at least I am working on lots of things. I am tired, but these muscle strains and tired eyes are because of the dream I wish to become a reality.

That’s it for this entry. Good night y’all 💚

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