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It is difficult to stay focused when you are soaked with overwhelming amount of tasks. If you are like me, I always sway my way out from the right path HAHAHA and I do things that entertain me FIRST, takes a deep breath then DIVE to the tasks!

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We can always design our own ways to manage all the responsibilities given to us. As a teacher (handling research and Science education subjects), as a PhD student on my dissertation writing, as a Program Chairperson and Research and Extension Coordinator –as a blogger hahaha, I have so many things on my plate. Every day is a mess ^_^

But I always make sure that I sleep every night peacefully and wakes up each day with so much enthusiasm because whatever is in my plate right now, these things are teaching me important lessons in life. They are honing my skills and these challenges are shaping my future.

But, how do I manage to deliver quality works?

Tip #1 Make a TO-DO List

I do make a list almost every day! It is helping me prioritize. It helps me narrow down my focus on what tasks to do first and what can be delayed. It’s true that with listings, it can sometimes dishearten anyone looking at a long list, but believe me, this strategy really works. It keeps me SANE.

It helps me monitor things. It gives me the overview on what needs to be done.

***One thing that I should be improving in my To-Do List is to use many pen colors as markers. In my case, I always use one-color only, which confuses me on my remarks hahaha

Tip #2 Do What Are Listed On The List

I always emphasize this to my colleagues. Listing your tasks is not the first step of accomplishing any. It can be a very helpful tip in organizing tasks, but working on those that are listed will be the first essential step that you can do to make the most of your listings.

WORK ON IT. No matter if you don’t like doing other tasks, JUST DO IT!

That is the only way that you can be productive. You cannot reach the mountain if you will not make a single step of your climb. You cannot just imagine things. You need to put that into actions.

Tip #3 Always Go Back to Your List (Add/Revise) and then Back to Tip #2

Dedicate an hour or two doing your tasks. Do the TIME BLOCKING. This means eliminating all the distractions. Just focus on your tasks then repeat Tips 1 and 2 and you’ll end the day feeling accomplished.


To focus doesn’t mean that you will be soaking yourself to the tasks the entire day. Some are born like a fish that can swim themselves to the deepest oceans with long breaths they can hold. If you are still starting to learn how to swim, be a human. BREATHE.

Do things that can make you happy, but take control of your TIME. If you can’t manage your time, then manage yourself and make the most of the time given to you.

In that way, you can be productive and will never be burned out from your tasks. Be OK About Not Being OK in some days also.


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Jevannel is passionate about teaching and learning about anything. She loves to share her words with the world, hoping for readers to get something from her works. She specializes in Science Education and Research and she also writes poetry and many other things.

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