#GREATGOOGLE – Google Meet Extends FREE USAGE for 24 HOURS until March 2021

This is super good news!

I was so worried last night when I was informed that Google Meet won’t be free anymore for 24 hours or will have limitations of 60 minute per session starting October 1, 2020, and I had four (4) virtual classes scheduled today! Without knowing the good news yet, I started my first virtual classes and just waited for the platform to cut my sessions.

After 60 minutes, I waited and waited and waited, and YEY! It did not cut me off allowing us for 71 minutes. It’s indeed a relief.

When I opened my Facebook, that’s when I knew about the GOOD NEWS!

Quoting them from My Tech Decisions.

When we re-engineered the service we built for secure business meetings and made it available to all, we also made calls unlimited (well, the limit is really 24 hours, but I’ve yet to hit the limit) through September 30, so that people could enjoy the same benefits as our business users with their existing Google Account.

From book clubs, band practices and dance parties–millions of you have turned to Meet to connect safely over video. As we look ahead to a holiday season with less travel and important milestones like family reunions, PTA meetings and weddings hosted over video, we want to continue helping those who rely on Meet to stay in touch over the coming months.

As a sign of our commitment, today we’re continuing unlimited Meet calls (up to 24 hours) in the free version through March 31, 2021 for Gmail accounts.

Thank you very much, Google for extending the free usage until next year WITHOUT LIMITATIONS OF TIME for 24 hours, allowing up to 100 participants. This is indeed helping us a lot in delivering instructions during these difficult times.

Also, I just want to share cool Google Chrome Extensions you can use along with Google Meet – the AUTO ADMIT and AUTO checking of attendance with records on the logging in and out of the students for the entire duration of the virtual session!

Thank you again GOOGLE MEET! Indeed, you are #GREATGOOGLE!

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