How to Upload Large Files in Google Classroom When the Attach Button Doesn’t Work

This is a common error encountered by my students, now that all classes are done online. The tasks were to upload their Audio Recording or Video Recording of their class report and to attach photos of their class notes.

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You can expect large files based on the task description. However, even if my students are complaining, I still did not allow them to send via Messenger or personal email the files to be submitted.

Instead, I asked them to do these very simple ways to still TURN IN the tasks even without directly attaching the files needed.

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When files are already larger than 25MB, even if my students want to send them to me via personal email, they still won’t be able to do it. The trick here is to instruct them to upload the files in their Google Drive and ask them to leave the ACCESS LINK as a private comment to the TASK.

In that way, upon checking their completion of the task, you will see their indirectly attached submissions and will be able to check the documents/files via access link and you can return the tasks to them with a MARK.

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*DO not forget to remind your students to edit the accessibility of the file to ANYONE with the LINK or add your email address so that you won’t have any problem in accessing their files.


This is only applicable if the students are sending video files. YouTube allows large sizes of video files and your student can control who can see their videos. The same thing, instruct them to upload the files in their YouTube channel and ask them to leave the ACCESS LINK as a private comment to the TASK in the Google Classroom.

By doing these two simple ways, your students will be able to explore more other options and appreciate what technology can provide to make things easier for them. They just need to FIND the BEST ways.

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How about you? What are your other ways to upload or attach large files in Google Classroom?

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