#GREATGOOGLE PRODUCTS: Learn How to Set-Up Your Google Classroom Following These Easy Steps

Now that almost everything is done online, it is very challenging on my part to have this not-so-updated laptop and desktop set. I have this prepaid subscription for my Internet Connection and I am not that confident with my level of digital competence.

But, classes must go on and as a teacher at the tertiary level and as a Ph.D. student, I must do all the things I can just to cope with these academic challenges. This is part of my very interesting journey.

Now, in this post, I am going to share to you the steps I have followed in setting up my Google Classroom and the next posts will feature other FREE Google Online Products that I used in managing my classes.

I just started using the platform last month and I learned so many things. This is the reason why I wanted to dedicate this post to #GREATGOOGLE as they have helped me so much in realizing my lesson plans for my classes this academic year.

How do I use Google Classroom? | Tech & Learning
Got the image from Tech & Learning.

You only need a Gmail account to create your Google Classroom. Sign in HERE.

Once your platform is created, click the + sign at the upper right corner beside your Google Profile photo and click CREATE CLASS. Fill out the form that will POP UP.

Do not worry because you can edit all the info after you have created your classes.

You will be redirected to your class platform, like what is shown below.

In enrolling your students to this class, provide the class code that will appear in your platform. YES, only the class code, or you may opt also to get the shareable link.

Ask them to sign in to their Google Classroom using their Gmail account and instead of clicking + create class, click JOIN CLASS and enter your class code.

In getting the shareable link, click the PEOPLE tab and then the icon in adding students. This window will pop-up. Copy the INVITATION LINK or enter the email address of your students.

Navigate the different UPPER TABS in your Google Classroom and explore what you can do with it.

Things I Have Enjoyed Using Google Classroom

  1. You can easily monitor the class participation of your students as they complete assignments and tasks.
  2. All the enrolled students will have access to all your shared files. Even if there are late enrollees, they can still do the tasks as long as you did not set a due date. But, if you did, they may still do the tasks, but will be marked as a late submission. That is automated with this platform.
  3. All the students’ document submission will be saved in Google Drive for each class that you have created. There is an automatic set-up of a Class Drive Folder.
  4. You can easily attach files as Materials and Assignments that are automatically sent to your enrolled student’s email.
  5. You can put MARKS or grades to your students’ output and once you release the mark, your students will be notified.

All these and more with GOOGLE CLASSROOM. Start creating your Google Classroom now and enjoy managing your class in the most effective way!

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Jevannel is passionate about teaching and learning about anything. She loves to share her words with the world, hoping for readers to get something from her works. She specializes in Science Education and Research and she also writes poetry and many other things.

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