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  • Somebody | Song by Depeche Mode

    Somebody | Song by Depeche Mode

    The post shares the lyrics of a song by Martin Gore. The song speaks about a desire for a compassionate partner, who will share life experiences, listen to thoughts, offer and receive support. Even though they may not always agree, understanding, intimacy, and affection are crucial. There’s an aversion to feeling tied down, but a…

  • PhD Update! Done with Data Collection

    PhD Update! Done with Data Collection

    Finally, after three months of finding time to gather data for my dissertation, finally, I was able to get the final data I needed. I still needed to study my statistical treatment so that I could match my readings to the results I would get. I hope I can pull this off. I want to…

  • How I Spent My Longest Weekend 2023 in Monkayo

    How I Spent My Longest Weekend 2023 in Monkayo

    Before these days, I had plans, and then this long weekend is almost over, and nothing happened ^_^ I still had the 16 things on my TO-DO List ^_^ I am guilty, but I have no regrets. I deserve this rest. I know that I have so many things to do, but I am with…

  • I Feel My Age

    I Feel My Age

    Let me make this post to share with you a few of my realizations these days. Many things I am dealing with right now made me realize that I am not getting any younger. I am almost 35- just a few weeks from now. Am I panicking? No, I am not. Many people are so…

  • How Do You Prepare Your Coffee?

    How Do You Prepare Your Coffee?

    Whenever I see coffee, I see comfort. Whenever I smell it, I find peace. So, when I make one, it’s like grabbing the opportunity to make my day a little brighter. I face every day with so much hope that I will be productive and help more people, students, and colleagues. But life doesn’t always…

  • I am Not OKAY :(

    I am Not OKAY 🙁

    Hey! It’s been a while. I am so discouraged to write here in my blog because of the ChatGPT that makes me so dependent. Some of the previous posts were ChatGPT generated, and I know it is not a good practice, so I am stopping it. But in fairness to this technology, it expedites everything….

  • #30DayWritingChallenge | DAY 9: Write About Happiness

    #30DayWritingChallenge | DAY 9: Write About Happiness

    This is another desperate move to accomplish this #30DayWritingChallenge, which I started two years ago 😀 Who cares? This is my blog, so I am doing what I want. Also, I have this thought in mind that by just putting links, bloggers can escape time gaps 😀 so, here is a recap: DAY 1: Describe…

  • First Post for 2023 – What are my BIG GOALS?

    First Post for 2023 – What are my BIG GOALS?

    Happy New Year to you all 🌻 I am happily writing this entry. I wanted to welcome 2023 with a grateful heart despite the many challenges that the world is facing today. Indeed, this year will bring us JOY, HAPPINESS, and PROSPERITY 🌻 Let’s believe and claim them TODAY! So, in this post, I am…

  • On FORCED Leave, but still WORKING?

    On FORCED Leave, but still WORKING?

    Let me share with you a photo of my morning meal ^_^ I am not complaining. I am emphasizing that as a government employee, there are services that we should be extending even if we are on LEAVE. All government employees who read this line will undoubtedly agree with me. It is expected of us….

  • MyDay / Story for WORDPRESS

    MyDay / Story for WORDPRESS

    I am still not understanding the “STORY POST” for WordPress. I already added mine last night, but I can’t feel any difference. Is it appearing like a blog post? Or is it like an IG story? Any thoughts? How I really wish I could connect more and easier with people in the blogosphere ❤️❤️❤️ I…