Am I? HAHAHA! Yes, of course!

For 14 years of my life, I’ve been in serious relationships. Like, since high school and college days. It was FUN. It was all worth the while ^_^

But, now that I am already 4 years SINGLE, I am still happy and I am still having fun!

Some people, my friends, my family are making it a BIG DEAL that I will grow old alone. Every time I hear them saying that, I always tell myself to remain “CALM” because there is no point in arguing with them. What is there to argue? I mean, they are just worried and whatever is going in my mind, there’s no point of explaining that I AM OKAY.

They still would not understand.

But, with the 14 years I had with 3 special men in my life, everything ended — NOT ALL WELL, but we’re all okay. What if romantic relationship isn’t for me? I am OPEN to ACCEPT that reality, but I think the people around me are NOT. HAHAHA!

If I will get my heart broken again, it’s me who will cry and not them.

If I will start hating people again, it’s me who will carry the burden and not them.

If conflicts arise between me and my partner, it’s me who gets to fix it and not them.

If I will lose my appetite of LOVE, it’s me who will be doomed and not them. HAHAHA


If they are afraid of me growing old alone, why can’t they just be with me? Why do they want SOMEONE to take care of me when I can do it to myself or them to ME. I do not want forcing things to happen because it might end hurting again. MOVING ON is the hardest task on my TO DO LIST.


Nevertheless, I am not closing my heart to love again. It’s indeed so sweet having someone to travel with me, to do the things I am afraid doing, but with him I will gain my strength. I am still longing for love to visit me some time, visit or perhaps stay…

That’s it for this entry. This is funny. MY first entry for this BLOGGING CHALLENGE was November 2021. I hope to finish before this 30-day challenge becomes a-year challenge HAHAHAH!

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