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Study Tips #1: How to Recall What You Have Read

It is always a struggle to recall what you have just read. It seems that you are just flipping pages, letting the time pass by without any retention. Where did all those words go? Was I not able to capture anything? If that was a good read, why can’t I recall anything?

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You may feel the same way, but that isn’t always the case. Believe me. It’s just that sometimes, we are too overwhelmed by our fears of forgetting that we opt to comfort ourselves believing that we actually forget everything.

Yet, TAKE NOTICE OF THIS…whenever we are in a certain serious conversation, we can recall fragments of what we have just read. As we talk about it, understanding flows, we tailor all those gaps of comprehension and realized that after all, YES, WE DID LEARN SOMETHING.

How do we make that happen? READ READ READ and find the right circle to discuss what you have read. That is how we recall. That is how some brains work, at least that is how my brain works.

It is helpful to annotate.

It is brilliant to record your voice as you read to activate more senses.

It is a good practice to write important things about what you have read.

But, talking about the idea of what you grasped from your reading lays the path of the best RECALL.

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