Waking Up With A Heavy Heart

‘Should I dwell on it?…’ As I woke up with a heavy heart, this question was playing in my mind. With so many tasks that burned me out, I lost my appetite for work. As I pushed myself up from bed, I decided to refocus my mind on things that could delight my heart. I turned the music on.

Life will always bring lemons, but you can make juice out of them. But, on some days, juices don’t taste sweet.

That’s how life works. Right? Some days are so unbearable. It is sometimes because of work. The tasks. The colleagues. Or, in some cases, those that overlap with work. Personal conflicts. Hectic schedules. Dramas in life.

And you can’t just run away from those.

You need to deal with it. That is why it is heavy because you are carrying it.

You are fighting.

My best friend once said that “the secret of life is not just to live, but to have something worthwhile to live for,” These words are sweet reminders to KEEP living life for your REASON, for your PURPOSE.


Remind yourself that it might just be a bad day, not a bad life. These bad days may be extended, and pain can be too excruciating, but nothing lasts forever.

Remember that.

You will not be given challenges you cannot handle. So, tighten up your grip on life.

“If there is one spark of hope left in my grasp, I’ll hold it with both hands”(I Still Believe by Mariah Carey)


So cheer up!

Carry that heavy heart.

There’s always something to look forward to. Life is beautiful, my friend; believe me, it’s worth fighting for.

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4 responses to “Waking Up With A Heavy Heart”

  1. Ivor Steven Avatar

    Yes .. every day is a new moment.
    , and every moment is a new experience
    to savoured and accepted as the next step forward


    Cling to hope and always keep the faith.

    1. jevannel Avatar

      True. Thank you for dropping by.

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