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It’s not every day that we are given the entire day to do things for ourselves. In most cases, we are too soaked with our jobs and other commitments, and we forget and lost the appetite to enjoy every precious moment given to us. With so many things going around our heads, we always find ourselves doing blank stares, clueless of what to do even during breaks.

Here, I have compiled self-care ideas you can try. Spending a few minutes of your every day doing these self-care routines, I believe can positively impact your mental, emotional, physical, and overall health.

1. Go for a Walk

Honestly, I hate walking. But every time I am given the chance to go for a walk, I always end that journey thanking God for that walk. It’s tiring, but relaxing. It hastens the beating of my heart, but it relaxes the flow of my thoughts in mind.

2. Take a Bubble Bath

Soaking yourself in a bubble bath is telling yourself that you deserve a rest.

3. Yoga

Yoga for me is a way of introducing tolerable pain to my body so I can gain strength. I always believe in the words of Sarabeth when she said that the pain, you’ll feel on the mat is the strength you’ll get off the mat. I also noticed improvement in my flexibility after embracing Yoga to my weekly routine. You should try it!

4. Exercise

Yoga can be a form of a workout; it is still different when you do heavy cardiovascular exercise. I am a fan of Emi Wong with her 15-minute HIIT workout. Even after repeating many times the routine, it doesn’t get any easier over time LOL!

5. Go On a Solo Date

I love doing solo dates whether single or in a romantic relationship. But, yeah, sometimes it is awkward. I hate being asked if I am with someone and answering it always with “NO” LOL!

6. Watch your Favorite Movie

This is for me the best reward I can give to myself, but the sad truth is that I can get to enjoy binge-watching my favorite movies only when I avail my sick leave hahaahah a funny reality when you are a teacher with so many tasks and doing her PhD and more!

7. Watch your Favorite TV Show

I love TV Shows because I choose those that do not just entertain me but also teach me many things. I watch Get Organized by Home Edit, The Big Bang Theory, Suits, The Good Witch and more.

8. Journal

Journalling for me is like breathing out everything I carry inside. Everything my mind is chaotic; I always reach for my notebooks and pens. I love to write, a lot.

9. Read A Book

Reading for me is like breathing in. I love learning random things. Learning fascinates me. I love to read how great writers think. I love imagining things from the books I read. Books are a portal to a different world.

10. Dance to your Favorite Music

I don’t dance because they told me I don’t know how to dance, but I love being crazy sometimes and dance my heart away. I usually do it when I am with my family or when I am along, indeed, crazy! Lol!

11. Meditate

Honestly, I don’t know how to meditate. They say Yoga is meditating. Maybe. How would I know? Lol! But, yeah, once you focus on meditating, claiming that if I have done it right, it really cleanses your thoughts. It’s like draining it all and filling it into your mind again, but this time it’s no longer chaotic.

12. Give yourself a Facial

It gives your face a glowing effect and yes, the process is like massaging your face, removing some tightness of muscles. Indeed, relaxing.

13. Get a Massage

I love this when my back is already aching hahaha! Getting a massage is expensive for me, but in some days, I take it as a necessity for my health. And it’s worth the spending, every time.

14. Practice Gratitude

Having a gratitude journal is very important to our mental health. I remember many days when negativities are filling my mind, by practicing gratitude and writing them all, even with a 5-minute writing time, you’ll feel OK. You’ll feel relieved and redirected. This practice gives your mind a chance to refocus your thoughts. It’s very helpful.

15. Take A Nap

My nap is so powerful LOL! Supposedly, napping should be just 30 minutes, but I always end up having a 2-hour napping time. Indeed, a powerful nap, but I always feel energized after. I think that matters more.

16. Listen to a Relaxing Music

This is what I always do when I am so overwhelmed with TOO MUCH. Every morning, when my thoughts are everywhere, I turn my Spotify or Radio Philippines on. Whenever I can’t sleep, I listen to music. It helps me relax.

17. Have a Staycation

This is my favorite when I have money to spend. I always want to do this with my family and closest friends. Staycation makes me travel and so it gives me more the appetite to live because there are so much wonderful things beyond my circle. I love learning about places and people.

18. Diffuse Essential Oils

This one is also very relaxing especially when you already have determined your favorite scent of essential oils. I have my humidifier and a set of essential oils I enjoy so much.

19. Listen to a Motivation Podcast

Motivation podcasts are a game-changer. It rewires my mind to refocus my priorities.

20. Stretch

Stretch is good but do MORE by doing YOGA and regular exercise. But, if you’ll do the MADFIT stretch, it will feel like you already have done a heavy workout hahaha.

21. Get at least 8 hours of Sleep

How I wish I can do this self-care idea to myself. This is very difficult to realize unless it is weekend and you do not have any other things on your table. If you’ll given the privilege to sleep, then do it. Hahaha I was given this chance when I was young and I hated sleeping that time, now I am craving for it hahaha.

22. Light your Favorite Candle

My favorite candle is my sister’s candle. I love staying at their house because of the scent of her candle. It’s very relaxing and sweet and accommodating. It is from Bath and Body Works.

23. Drink Plenty of Water

I hate drinking a lot of water hahaha but doing this, scientifically is proven to be healthy, thus it is an act of self-care. But, I guess, I need to work this out. I can’t even finish 1 liter of water a day. I am working on it. Promise ^_^

24. Try a DIY Project

If only I have all the time, I needed to do what I want to do, I will be a passionate DIY project maker. I love creating things. I even want to try carpentry hahaha. This awakens my imagination to create things.

25. Clean your Place while Singing your Favorite Songs

Doing this is such a relaxing thing. I want the music to be so loud and sing my heart out while cleaning. I am not saying that this helps me clean more, but this helps me unburden my stress.

Final Note

I thought I’ll provide generic information on how each self-care idea can help you take care of yourself, I ended up sharing how these ideas affected my life hahaha but still I hope you enjoyed reading and your learned something.

Let me know in your comments below!

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