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No matter how busy we are, with all our TO DO LISTed items left unchecked, we still get bored. Right?

That’s normal. That does not mean though that we should just waste our time doing NOTHING. Though, I admit that doing nothing is still relaxing.

It’s a not so unique breather 😅

In this post, I am going to share the things I do whenever I get bored and just want to get some air. With all the works now done online, we are all locked in our screens and getting out is a luxury we can hardly afford.

So, yes. My first advice is you GO OUT. You cannot kill boredom by doing another boring thing. That might lead you to become a serial killer someday 😅😅😅 what I mean is by going out, it exposes you to fun places, people and things.

Second is DO WHAT YOU LOVE. It doesn’t have to be something that you are too passionate about. It might overwhelm you so much that you’ll forget that what you need is just a breather. It can be just something that you’ll love to do at that moment like watch movie, eat ice cream or just braid your hair or your sister’s.

Third and last is buy something expensive. Hahaha! I know this is not a good move, but once you’ll buy something that you really like, yet hesitated because it’s too pricey, then go for that thing and you’ll be motivated to go back to work because you need to earn back the money you just spent out of boredom.

It might stress you out. Surely, it will. But the bonus there is that finally you’ll get that gift for yourself. It will awaken all your senses. Certainly, the thrills of excitement will outweigh your worries.

That’s it for today. Happy reading 😂😂😂

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