It’s been a while. Kumusta?

The last post was November 16 and it’s now December 5. Ang daming nangyari sa life ko even I am not updating this blog. Ang daming magandang nangyari and one of these is my REGULARIZATION.

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Finally, after more than three years of waiting, I got the position. It was a very thrilling announcement because mali ang number na nagamit ng HR to notify me of the offered Plantilla position.

I was alone in my place when I received the good news. It was such a great blessing. Ang early ng Christmas gift ni Lord. Although I am now burdened with the requirements, but I always tell myself na ngayon lang ‘to.

Burdened ako because of the restrictions sa offices where I need to go to get forms, get authenticated copies of my documents and all. Also, I do not want to ask help from my family financially since meron pa naman akong savings so eto nalang muna. Burdened din ako in a way na ang busy ko sa PhD requirements and the online classes ko as College Instructor with all the checking and recording ng tasks ng more than 300 students.

I am also bombarded ng sideline projects ko, but again, even if I am stressed, I will always feel blessed. Despite all the COVID-19 incidents that even took the life of my dear cousin 🙁 the other family members are okay and recovering from our great loss.

I am always thankful because despite all the challenges that I am facing personally and the hardships that the world is handling right now, every day I can still feel the reason to keep fighting. Someday, this all will be okay for God never forsake His people.

Let’s always cling to the sweet promises of someday.

Well, that’s my entry for today. I hope I can write more meaningful entries for my next posts. Thank you for reading!

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