Memories are important because whether they are good or bad, they are always part of who we are.

I always tell my students that in order to understand the present times, looking back or flipping the pages of the past is the best thing to do.

I have so many bad memories, of course, there are also many good and sweet ones, but I would like to feature in this third post for my 30-Day Writing Challenge, a memory that is related to work.

Just a few hours ago, I have shared in my Facebook post a five-year old memory which was about me begging the universe to save me from any illnesses during that time because I cannot afford to be sick due to some tasks I need to get done. I was still connected with MonCAST during that time and now that I am already with DNSC, the same pleading goes on not permitting myself to get sick because there is Grad School Accreditation, COPC, Remote Monitoring, dissertation, classes in undergraduate programs and advisees’ thesis in the graduate school and more more more.

In this post, I was photographed by my friend/colleague while doing some tasks. This was captured during lunch time in the AVR. Sometimes, I am proud of myself of extending so much effort for the school that I WAS and I AM now serving.

MEMORIES also reveal your true self. Reflecting on this photo made me realize that maybe I am a workaholic woman because I love working so much, though sometimes, I complain, but I do exert so much effort just to deliver quality work.

Actually, I am so exhausted today that somehow looking back into this memory I had with MonCAST boosted my energy, telling myself that what is happening to me right now is just NORMAL and a thing I could not blame to anyone but myself. The burdens I am carrying now are just part of everything that is preparing me for a brighter future ahead.

Just like what Sarabeth (my favorite yogi) said, “the pain you’ll feel when you are on the mat is the strength you’ll gain when you are off the mat, so let go and believe that you are meant to be where you are right now”.

Another thought that I keep telling myself is a reminder that when I feel buried and burdened by the things that are weighing me down, I should just keep believing that I am not just buried, but I am being PLANTED and expected to grow and bear fruits in my time <3

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