How to Pay your USeP Tuition Fee Via Landbank Link.BizPortal

I have tried this process and it’s fast and very easy.

I am sharing here the easy steps to follow in settling your previous balance or making a down payment for your enrollment at USeP via Landbank Link.Biz Portal.

IMPORTANT: Only those who have LBP iAccess Account with ATM can use this method. Also, you need to have access to your linked email and registered mobile number so you can receive the code that will be sent by LBP.

Step 1. Visit this link: and click PAY NOW.

Step 2. In the list of Merchants, type USeP and the full name of the school will appear. Click it.

Step 3. Click Continue.

Step 4. You will be redirected to the list of transactions you wish to pay. Click your transaction and Continue. Be informed that the boxes will only allow alphanumeric characters and nothing else.

Step 5. Do not leave any blank unfilled with the detailed asked.

Step 6. After your key-in the necessary information. A code will be sent to the registered mobile number and linked email account. Insert the code.

The code will expire after 5 minutes and you’re going back to Step 1 again.

Step 7. Locate the JAI, which has a default of 0. If you can’t find it in your card, leave the default number.

Key-in your ATM pin in the virtual keypad.

That’s it! You can now print the receipt as proof of your payment.

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