Letting go, letting it all FLY

Letting GO

A butterfly symbolizes LETTING GO.

Holding on to something is bravery, but letting it all go is a manifestation of true strength.

Bravery is when you feel all the fears inside, yet you decide to stand still. Even if its tearing you all apart, you decide to fight.

Hope keeps you going. It gives light to your darkest hours.

True strength is facing your fears with a full heart. It is when you let go even though you know the pain will be unbearable, you are willing to go through the most excruciating process.

In life, we tend to hold on to something, to someone, with all the hopes that everything will get better someday. With all the fights and misunderstandings, theres a spark of hope that we hold with both hands.

We just don’t want to let go because we thought that we cannot withstand the pain once CHANGE starts to make its presence felt.

We tend to ignore the possibilities of less tears.

More freedom.

More happiness.

Yet, after fighting all along, we decide to give up.

We let go.

Then, we realized that it should have been the first thing we did.

To let go.

Letting go is not totally giving up. It is freeing your mind and heart to the string that binds you to hopeless cases. To false hopes.

Letting go is embracing freedom.

Letting go is like a mother letting go of her child’s hand, with lots of worries and anxieties in mind, yet letting things unfold, because that is the way when you let fate decide.

That is the only time when you can feel what true strength is. That is the only time when you’ll understand what true love means.

So, when you feel that everything plays like a broken tape, trying to sound right, yet only supplies the unnecessary noise – let go.

Just let it go.

Credits to Faidality for the wonderful Feature Image.

About the Author

Jevannel is passionate about teaching and learning about anything. She loves to share her words with the world, hoping for readers to get something from her works. She specializes in Science Education and Research and she also writes poetry and many other things.

4 thoughts on “Letting go, letting it all FLY

  1. Hi Jevannel, You have a beautiful photo and post here. Thanks for visiting my blog and following. I look forward to getting better acquainted. It looks like you are a new blogger, or at least his is a fairly new blog. If you have any questions, I’ve been blogging for over eight years and am happy to help find answers. Have a wonderful weekend. Marsha Ingrao.

    1. Thank you very much for your sweet words and concern about my blogging journey. I certainly need help. I will keep visiting your blog to get some insights.

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