I would like to share with you my reflection after watching this video our Professor asked us to watch.

Words are powerful. Using words to paint pictures was the skill I wish to master then, but after hearing all the wisdom from Tara, I realized that I entered a portal of this academic journey that demands MORE.

I agree with her when she compared academic writing into a distinct LANGUAGE. It has grammar; thus, it has rules. It is a tool for communication. It aims for a wide readership – to be understood, not just to be heard, but to create impact. In drawing the line between personal and academic writing, Tara elaborated that it is not a thin line to be unnoticed.


With guidelines, we frame each word we write to fill every sentence we make. Undoubtedly, my readings and writings are already inundated by excellent works of scholars whose words have already echoed to the world.

Tara posed a challenge to still have confidence in bringing my voice into my works as I take this learning path of being a Ph.D. student.

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Jevannel is passionate about teaching and learning about anything. She loves to share her words with the world, hoping for readers to get something from her works. She specializes in Science Education and Research and she also writes poetry and many other things.

12 thoughts on “A REFLECTION: On Academic Writing”
  1. Very interesting Vlog!

    I had given a copy of my new manuscript to a PHD social studies student (in the hope of getting some feedback on it or dare say a review) and he couldn’t read it. I was naturally very disappointed, but my style of writing is unacademic, if that’s a word! My style is to write conversationally and informatively to help my readers understand complicated even obtuse ideas in a way that’s very manageable. I’m not under the delusion that academics will be reading this book, so I’m not writing to appeal to them to gain their approval. I feel I know who my audience is: just regular people who want to be spoken to and not talked down to.

    I agree, we need to know who our audience is as we frame our writing style!

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. I agree with you on this. No matter how much we want to do academic writing, we should not lose our own voice in the process.

      Indeed, if we know who our target readers are then we’ll know also the writing style we should use to convey our message.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this!

      1. My pleasure! This video really helped to separate in my mind the completely different writing genres and how I was being true to who I felt I was speaking to!

        I think it’s important in life to understand those distinct differences and to feel great about honoring them!

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