Day 1 (Who Am I?)

Who is with me? πŸ˜€

I am trying to be consistent in maintaining the posts in this blog, but I just can’t stick to its purpose, which is supposedly to share teaching and learning insights, but maybe, if you’re going to read all my posts, I insert some of these insights even to my personal notes πŸ˜€

Now, my trip is taking this 30-Day Writing Challenge I just grabbed from Pinterest:

For bloggers like me, nobody would be interested reading my posts, but I am happy just sharing random facts about myself because I can practice and hopefully enhance my writing skills. I remember when I was in college, when our Professor tasked us to write journals that I randomly pick topics, which somehow caught his attention and left a note that he liked the way I write. It inspired me so much because I did not do anything to impress him because I just enjoyed the task, without minding if I’ll get good grades with it ^_^

So, for DAY 1 Challenge – Describe Your Personality

Every time someone asks me to describe myself, my mind always recalls the first POEM I wrote about myself in Filipino Language. The title was, “SINO AKO?” (WHO AM I?). I wrote this one when I was in my 5th grade, the first line was, “Ako ay isang babaeng mahinhin, ngunit sa artehan ay di pabibitin” (I am a demure lady, and I always make myself pretty). LOL! It is not the literal translation, but it captures the context.

Well, that was written more than two decades ago and the first line remains true, but the line that says I always make myself pretty is not anymore LOL! My habits of making myself always pretty, changed when I started wearing eyeglasses. I thought that I looked like an old lady because I started wearing glasses when I was also in my 5th grade. I can still recall my collections of beauty kits, those fake jewelries and my collections of hair clips and all when I was on my 4th grade, but that all changed when my eyes became four πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ I just have this thought in mind that those cute stuffs I wear no longer match my face with glasses.

I stopped that even until now, I hate exerting much effort in making myself pretty hahaha. I was trying to regain that energy, but I don’t know. HAHAHA!

Well, that is just one of my personalities. I am a person who is very moody. A fickle-minded lady who finds it very easy to shed tears on petty things, but was able to withstand many serious struggles in life like failures, disappointments, betrayals, poverty LOL!, broken dreams, broken hearts, almost broken mind and thinkings about everything, but remained still despite all the ravages of life. Did I overdo describing myself? Well, maybe that is part of my personality HAHAHA!

I am a lady who likes to DREAM BIG. I have so much wishful thinkings about my career. I like to do challenging tasks. I complain, I curse, but I still do what needs to be done. I like to compete, and definitely a hard loser. Hahaha

I am an emotional person. I always put my family above everyone else. I love my friends. I keep people, but I also do hate many. HAHAHA.

Writing all these things made me question myself, am I still normal? HAHAHAHA. But, yes, that’s me.

Sharing this picture captured last week during our visit at Basanes Highlands Garden and Restaurant. πŸ’• I love how this was captured by the only man who truly loves me πŸ’• My Papa πŸ’•

2 responses to “Day 1 (Who Am I?)”

  1. Gail Avatar

    Nice post, Jevannel! I enjoyed reading both of your posts of challenge day one and two. I look forward to reading more of your journey.
    God loves you! ✝️🌹

    1. jevannel Avatar

      Thank you very much, Gail. You inspired me so much in writing more ^_^

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