I am always reminded that in order for us to find HAPPINESS, we must find it within our hearts, meaning we CREATE ONE.

Now on my second task and this is about featuring the things that make me happy. There are lots, actually, but to name a few and organize this post, let me present them according to my roles in this life ^_^


What makes me very happy as a teacher is seeing my students achieving more of what they deserve in life.

When I was just starting my teaching career, my happiness was just focused on delivering my instruction. I am happy whenever I receive the active participation from my students during my class, because as a person, I am not into this “inviting people in my life” like I am not friendly, so I thought, it would be very challenging for me to engage my students in my lessons. However, it always feels like magic every time I start my class because I think it is natural for me to think of something that ignites my student’s participation to my class activities – that’s when I realized that TEACHING is really my calling.

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with DNSC – ITEd Family

But, when my first year students already finished their bachelor’s degree and seeing their Facebook updates that some were awarded already to be the best employees, many started travelling to many beautiful places in the country and abroad, a few were also successful in their teaching careers – it fills my heart with so much delight.


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I am just so happy and proud of this achievement of my first research project with DNSC.

I am happy every time my research paper becomes a basis for community extension activities.

I exert so much effort in learning about research, the reason of my PhD suffering (LOL!) that is because I wanted to contribute something to the world and researches that are acted upon based on recommendations through extension programs, new and policy amendments or program proposals, that gives my every effort its deepest sense.

The reason before and even until now why I love RESEARCH is because it involves a lot of writing and I love to write. I like my words to take me somewhere far and let me travel the world, but RESEARCH is more than that. It can change people’s lives for the better, it can correct systems, it can help a country’s economy, it can create positive change and if any of those I mentioned becomes a reality through my research, then that would make me a very HAPPY researcher 😀

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This was the start of our Research Project with the IP Community that became an Extension Activity ^_^

You may read about the results of our study on:

Indigenous Water, Sanitation and Hygienic (WaSH) Practices: The Case of the IP Community in Barangay Lower Panaga, Panabo, Philippines

For now, I am just happy teaching RESEARCH, learning and making more for publication. Connecting with other researchers also make me glad, it inspires me to find meaning in my suffering because it is never EASY to engage in this field. Many can vouch for that.


I am referring here to my personal life. What makes me very happy is seeing my parents happy and my siblings safe and happy also with their lives. I am already contented with that and always grateful for my beautiful family.

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Christmas 2020

More things that make me happy are NOTEBOOKS, BOOKS, PENS, and any writing and reading related things HAHAHAHA. I love also BAGS with many pockets and sneakers hahaha.

I love watching videos about DIY projects on construction and building things HAHAAHA. I love watching cartoons and adventure movies, NO TO PARANORMAL, but YES to Zombies 😀 😀 😀

Travelling also makes me happy, especially with family and friends.

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TEAM KUGMO (BOOGER) at Sea World Oasis, Pantukan

How about you, what MAKES YOU HAPPY?


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