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The passage of time may dull the ache, but it will not take away the pain completely.

This is a line from The Daily Bread mini-book today. The author shares his aches of losing his child from a car accident. This line caught my attention because I can relate to it. Losing people in life, not necessarily dying is a cross to carry every day. It is a burden, a difficult trail to travel on, a path we wish we never have to take.

But, in moving on from the loss, life will only give you one route, though it sometimes also offers detours. In most cases, these deviated routes are letting you escape the burden of carrying the excruciating pain, but it also directs you to the same old path where sadness awaits.

Some people cling to sadness because of the thought that being unhappy means still loving the person who left them. It is attaching a string of hope that the love that never left is the only thing that binds them to their lost loved one. This is the theme for the Over the Moon (2020 film).

Losing people in life is part of growing. It is a phase in life that do not follow any timeline. It happens without giving any notice. Sometimes, the process is predictable. Sometimes, it occurs unexpectedly. That is why, we are given precious moments to celebrate great memories with those who are dear to us.

(Just writing this makes me want to cry. I don’t know why I am writing this entry. This was supposed to be a reflection about moving on, yet the meaning of the words from the starting line was so deep and I do not want to invalidate the pain felt by those people who have lost their loved ones. Honestly, this is the kind of pain I wish to not feel for the rest of my life, but if that would be the case, it seems I am wishing that it’s me who will leave this world and leaving my loved ones with the pain I wish to avoid.)

Credits to the rightful owners of the quotes.

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