How to Upgrade Your Google Drive Storage

Learning How to Upgrade Your Google Drive Storage is vital, especially when you store lots of documents and other files in your Google Drive. This is beneficial for students at any level and teachers.

The good thing about upgrading your Google Drive storage is that all other Google Services (Gmail, Google Photos, and more) can also avail of this upgraded storage.

Here are the simple ways How to Upgrade Your Google Drive Storage:

By default, all Google users are given 15 GB. I think I opened my first Gmail account in 2009, and just today, it notified me that it was already full. 91% is already consumed. You might wonder how it took me so long to reach this 13 GB storage for my Gmail account while working as a teacher and a student.

What I am actually describing here is my personal Gmail account. I have another account for teaching, which the College provided, and I also have another account for as a Ph.D. student, provided by the university.

So, back to the ways How to Upgrade Your Google Drive Storage; first is deciding which among these deals you will grab:

I opted to have the BASIC since I got other accounts. I chose monthly billing to test if I would be comfortable with it.

Next is to Pay for your subscription.

I was able to settle my subscription fee through the Paypal payment method. Everything was just a few clicks away.

*I decided to link my Google Photos with my iPhone Photos for easier grabbing of pictures to be used for this blog, so somehow, this is part of an investment for my blogging journey ^_^

You have the option to cancel your subscription at any time!

Super fast, easy, and convenient! #GreatGoogle

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