How to Become a Tutor and Start Earning Extra Income

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While writing this article, my niece is having her tutorial session. Her tutor is a high school graduate and Thia just finished her nursery level. While looking at them, I can say that my sister made the right decision in hiring a tutor.

This is good for Thia because it’s been more than three (3) months already after her last lessons in a formal class setting. As much as we want to give her the tutorial sessions, it’s really different when she’s with an unfamiliar person who patiently teaches her.

Also, this is favorable to the hired tutor because she can earn some money while waiting for the opening of classes.

Looking back, I cannot recall any moment during my younger days when I was paid to teach. I love teaching young children, but I usually do that with my younger siblings and some of my playmates. I was also a volunteer teacher in our Flores de Mayo. The idea of becoming a paid tutor did not come to my realizations during that time.

Nevertheless, this article provides you some tips on how you can make most of the situation that children are now staying home, and parents or guardians are not available to give tutorial sessions.


I don’t know if you’ll agree with me, but imparting your knowledge to anyone who needs it is emotionally rewarding. More to that, you’ll get some extra income when you offer tutoring services.

Before you decide to market yourself as a private tutor, here are some of the characteristics that you need to possess:

  • You should be patient and understanding.

If you are tutoring toddlers, patience is a primary requirement. Even if you are tutoring high school students, you should be patient and understanding of their pace of learning, as well as patient enough to deal with their tantrums and very short attention span.

  • You should have good social and communication skills.

Some tutees are the best performing students in their schools. As a private tutor, you should be steps ahead of them. Make sure that you can communicate well and sociable enough to break the barriers of the transfer of learning. For those tutees who are struggling in their academic performance, by communicating well during sessions, you can set an example for them to emulate.

  • Be dedicated to your job.

Even if this is just a part-time job for you, make sure that you will be punctual in your sessions and reliable in your inputs. That will show your dedication to deliver quality work as a private tutor. Show enthusiasm in your teaching and display excellent organizational skills in the delivery of your lessons.

You don’t need to be the most outstanding student in your school to qualify as a tutor. If you assess yourself as an average student, you can still do this private tutoring job as long as you are willing to invest your time and effort to help your tutees learn something from your sessions.

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In the Philippines, you have the option to become an online tutor or offline private tutor. In finding your students, you may create your profile in online tutorial platforms like Tutori Online Tutorials.

In finding students in your locality, you may market yourself using your own social media profile. Your friends and relatives will know that you are offering the tutorial services and you may get your referrals.

You can also get your students from onsite tutorial centers. However, you will abide by the rules set by the learning center and might be obliged to follow a strict time schedule. You won’t also be able to set your own rates. Yet, with learning centers, you’ll get access to learning materials, which you can use in your sessions and students will come to you, thus, there is no need to look for them.


In learning centers, some are giving the rate of P50 per hour per student with limitations of up to three (3) students per session. In special subjects like Math, English, and Science, some are giving a rate of 100 per student per hour.

In home tutorials, you can set your rate up to P500 per hour, especially if you are handling Math subjects. For other basic subjects, you can rate up to P350 per student in a four-hour lesson. You can always research the standard rate in your area.

Sounds good, right? Learning can be transferred and can be a source of extra income. You’ll not just gain profit, but also acquire meaningful experiences.

If you have tried tutoring before, I am interested to know your story. How much was your rate? What subjects do you teach?

Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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