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You Have A Purpose – #InstaGRAB

Thank you Ms. Becky for allowing me to use this photo from your beautiful Instagram feed.

My voice is hidden in these words. It is creeping through each letter, trying to make a sound, echoing my true feelings, pouring in my emotions. It has been a bad day–not totally, but I am truly affected by some of the unpleasant happenings.

Conflicts do happen. I hate it. I really do, but these are the spices, they say that add flavor to life. Still, I do not like dealing with it. I always try to avoid conflicts, but it simply finds its way to me, without giving any hint of arrival. Sad.

But Ms. Becky here reminds me that I HAVE A PURPOSE and I always tell myself that whatever is putting me in discomforts is teaching me a lesson in life.

Honestly, it is difficult to shift mindset to positivity when negative things pull your thoughts incessantly. It is like pulling an invisible rope, forcing something to come to you while combating a great force behind it. It is like playing a game, you certainly know that you’ll lose, yet still you entered a race, and the game is already on. I don’t know. It is a burden.

But, whatever happened today, I always keep in mind that nothing will stay the same, CHANGE is also good and I do look forward that when change makes its existence felt, this will all be over soon.


I need to deal with conflicts. The PURPOSE is the GOAL, it is the torch guiding me in this crooked and winding road I am travelling on. These discomforts I am confronting are just indicators that I am still on the path, I am still on the race and there’s no turning back.

I will fight.

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